Why Hostel?


Why Hostel?

Karavan Inn Hostel Beograd

Experience the benefits of accommodation in a hostel

Firsthand recommendations for accommodation and money saving

Staying in a hostel will not only save you a significant amount of money, but will allow you to communicate and share experiences with other travelers, who can share with you their authentic experiences and recommendations.

Generally hostels are much cheaper than hotels depending on the destination you plan to visit. Another cheaper option is the possibility to use group housing with other guests in the dormitory.

However, if you feel uncomfortable to share room with other guests you can always book a private room that most hostels offer if it fits in your budget. Private rooms include comfortable accommodation and of course a little more privacy.

More intimate atmosphere and networking

One big advantage of staying in a hostel is the use of common areas; kitchen, living room, bars. The use of spacious common rooms of the hostel allows guests to easily and quickly communicate with the other guests, meet interesting people and exchange experiences.
Thus, the advantage of the hostel compared to hotels and other types of accommodation, is more intimate and relaxed atmosphere that hostels offer. It is easier for guests to get closer together, exchange experiences and impressions, make friends and connect both privately and professionally. 

Savings, savings and only savings 

Staying in a hostel, you can save not only on the price for accommodation, but also in other ways. Accommodation in a hostel which has a bar with reasonable prices of drinks is an excellent way to have a good time with your friends and save money.
Another thing that can affect your budget is food. Hostels allow you to save a fairly large sum of money by using the common kitchen and preparing your own meals. Thanks to this, you can prepare yourself a healthy meal at any time of the day, instead of consuming fast food or eat in restaurants which are of course the most expensive option.
Third, hostels are usually equipped with all modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi connection, cable TV, music and DVD player, service computers etc. So, using the free Wi-Fi connection, you can communicate with your friends and family at home and avoid paying high phone bills.

The Spotlight

Another important advantage of hostelling is that hostels are usually located close to major traffic connections and lines which give you the ability to easily and quickly get to the various tourist and urban locations that you are interested in.
In addition, you can be sure that hostel staff will gladly give you suggestions and recommendations on what to see and visit in their place. This allows you to be in center of events of one city, see places and visit the sites that are not mentioned in any tourist guide. 

Numerous services

Hostels offer its guests a number of services, free or for a small fee. In addition to the aforementioned services such as free Wi-Fi connection, cable TV, music and DVD players, computers service, a kitchen for preparing food and another, in many hostels free coffee and tea are available all day long, iron and ironing board, hair-dryers etc.
In addition, most of the hostels offer their guests a laundry and dry cleaning services, transportation services to and from the airport, train or bus stations, as well as luggage storage after check-out from the hostel and more for a small fee.

New age hostelling - safety first

If you've ever heard horror stories about hostels and risks of staying in them, now you can forget about it. During the last decade, especially in the last few years, security standards in hostels are at the highest level.

You do not have to worry about your safety and the safety of your belongings when you stay in a hostel, because they imply highest level of security. This includes video surveillance 24 hours a day, safety deposit boxes at reception, lockers with keys in the rooms, as well as the professional security guards on the spot.

Considering all these advantages, more travelers not only the younger generation, choose hostel accommodation. Be one of them and experience all the benefits that hostelling can offer.